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Vehicle & Fleet

If it is time to upgrade or replace your fleet, you may wonder what is the best option for your out-of-date inventory? Companies that specialize in fleet remarketing can help you receive the best value for your older inventory.

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From vans to sedans and everything in between, a competent fleet remarketing service provider can help you extract the maximum lifetime value out of each asset.

When it comes time to sell old inventory having a trusted partner who can appraise, repair, and sell your vehicles can be invaluable. Your time is better spent managing your active fleet. Leave it to the pros to handle the logistics and disposition of your retiring inventory.

How to Select a Remarketing Firm

  1. Ask about their sales channels (customer-arranged, wholesale, or driver and employee sale)

  2. Do they arrange transportation, recondition vehicles (including removing stickers and logos), establish market values, set a price target, and manage the entire sales process?

  3. Will they represent you at a live auction?