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Asset Remarketing

Every company uses equipment. Computers, vehicles, lab tools, and more are common in businesses all over the world.

Not every company, however, maximizes the life-time value of their assets by implementing a remarketing strategy.

Asset remarketing is the process of identifying equipment that has reached the end of its useful life and selling it to other businesses or individuals.

While this may sound simple, working with a professional remarketing firm ensures that data is securely removed from devices and that parts that must be recycled are disposed of in a compliant manner.

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Finding a Remarketing Vendor

Industry Focus

Does the service provider have expertise in your industry? Knowing how to properly refurbish specialty equipment will be important, especially if your operate in an industry that is subject to federal regulations.

Remarketing Strategy

Get a feel for how your assets will be remarketed. Will they be sold at a live auction, to targeted buyers, or a general online listing site? How your assets are resold may influence how quickly you are able to realize your return.