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About Us is a website dedicated to providing informative articles and resources for companies looking for sustainable solutions to retire aged and out-of-date assets.

Every business uses assets. From computers and servers to specialty medical equipment and machinery. All of these assets have a useful life. When that life is reaching its end the company must decide how to dispose of the asset. Simply throwing away an item does not allow the company to recover any monetary value and in many cases is against environmental regulations.

Remarketing is part of a well-structured asset lifecycle plan for companies in almost any industry around the world. Understanding how to formulate and execute this plan will allow companies to discover real value in old assets while being environmentally friendly. 

Service Providers

The service providers section highlights companies that offer asset remarketing services. Many times these companies also offer additional lifecycle and asset disposition services. The list is constantly growing so be sure to check back often for updates. If you know of a service provider who should be listed, but is not currently on the site, please contact us.


Our articles section discusses how and why asset remarketing is a good decision for many businesses. Discover how a remarketing plan can help your company recover value, protect confidential information, and meet your green initiatives.